Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pirates Keep

So, a few years back I was a cute lil avatar in I was also
a part of a community of pirates in a neighborhood ( term for sim)
called Pirates Keep. When closed last year many people
lost their home. Julia the owner of Pirates Keep decided to find 
a new home and they found it here in Second Life.
What was once a few "hoods" has blossomed into a 12 sim 
Pirate Paradise.
Check it out!

Walk the plank @ Pirates Keep

1 comment:

  1. I am in a community close to Pirates Keep and it really is a community. If you want all aspects of innovative, creative, skilled and fun role play then join any of the communities. There are various factions of pirates, 'natives', British Navy, civilians of all nations,rogues, honest traders and merchants and more fun that you can poke a sword at...or even a pegleg. Be whomever you want to be and have lots of fun in a caring community...AAArrgghhhhhhhhh. Pirates we be.