Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Just a few words for anyone willing to read them. As you know, SL can be an expensive place, this is why a lot of sims that you see are either commercial sims or residential sims. Yea, there are a few sims on the grid that
are for roleplaying and/or exploration but I've found these to be few and far comparison of course. I like to revisit many of the sims that I blog and it makes me really sad when a lot of them have disappeared. So, I guess the point of this post is to remind everyone when and if you visit and place and you love it, remember to donate a little bit to it, even if its 10L, that way we can help keep the grid not only an awesome place to buy virtual goods but also a beautiful place to explore.

<3 Hybie


  1. Good reminder! If there is a place to donate, Jerremy and I always tip when we explore and I tip if I use a place for a photo background. I am very grateful to people who make interesting sims in SL!

  2. Yea, and they aren't easy to find either lol.

  3. Well said, Hybie! Though I realize for many accumulating a tidy linden balance can be challenging it is such a gracious and 'right' act on our part to contribute to those who share generously of their creations so that we can all find and appreciate new and intriguing expressions of creativity!

    Thank you too, for this blog. I have become a devoted fan :)

  4. Just woud like to thank you for taking them pics of Meeroos World you have made it look its best in them pics thank you you have some rearly cool pics chris rage ,owner of meeroos world