Saturday, April 16, 2011

The SentInHell

Stumbled upon this plot while shopping. It would appear to be 
a music venue. I dunno what kind of music though. 

check out The SentInHell


  1. Thanks for the review Hybie! I'm botys, one of the owner, founder and builder of the land. The SentInHell is the land of the Metalverse Agency: the Metal Music lifestyle in Second Life. Our idea was to create an apocalyptic landscape using less prims and sq. mt. as possible so we integrated 2d graphic and 3d sculpties to obtain the best perspective result for a small land. In our opinon SL is a place to live and to visit in contrast with what it has become: a 3D Marketplace!

  2. well you did an excellent job! It looks great!

  3. New parcel and new landscapes added, come to watch it :) Accept WL setting for the best view.

  4. thanks, I'll come check it out next time I log in :D